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What Has Attracted 1000+ Queensland Employers?

Posted Friday 25th February 2011

Blue Dog Training has quietly achieved another great milestone in its ongoing commitment to high quality training to the trade sector. Blue Dog has long been the leader in the delivery of the White Safety Card around Australia with its slick online delivery and client focus. This same quality system when applied to apprentice training is achieving dramatic results.

Blue Dog Training started training carpentry apprentices in 2006. In the five years since with no marketing, the numbers have grown to over 1400 apprentices across Queensland. This rapid growth means that Blue Dog Training now meet the training needs of over 1000 employers. These employers are committed to the training and development of their employees and choose training providers that deliver high quality training tailored to the employer's business needs.

So what is attracting more and more employers and apprentices in the construction and engineering industries to the Blue Dog award winning method of training delivery? The increase in the number of employers and apprentices turning to Blue Dog for training can be attributed to a number of factors.

Appeal for Employers

  • Service & Quality – the Blue Dog delivery system was developed by tradesman for tradesman. The cornerstone is to provide employers with the tools to produce quality apprentice outcomes
  • Quality speaks for itself – word of mouth is the greatest way to advertise particularly among the trades. Tradesmen like to hear from other tradesmen what tools work best and similarly where they can access quality, relevant training for their apprentices.
  • Customer service – Every apprentice is assigned his or her own trainer for the duration of the apprenticeship. The trainer provides regular support and is always only a phone call away when help is required. The same access to the trainer and the system is available to employers so he knows exactly how the apprentice is going at the touch of a button or on the end of the phone.
  • Even the GFC did not slow the increase of employers turning to Blue Dog for apprentice training. The downturn meant that employers could not afford to lose employees for long periods of time off the job. With the Blue Dog system off the job training is able to be done in small manageable chunks around the needs of the business.
  • Technology – tradesmen use the latest technology available in the workplace to increase productivity and quality of outcomes. Similarly the web based training available from Blue Dog means that employers and apprentices are using computer technology familiar in all other aspects of their lives including banking, research, travel, social networking etc

Appeal for the apprentices

  • The apprentice of 2011 has not experienced a world without computers so the style of learning resources appeals to the apprentices and fosters a "want to learn approach" from a genuinely self paced system of delivery.
  • The competencies reflect the task performed in the workplace (the training plan is flexible and is developed with the employer to suit the business needs)
  • Apprentices and employers have access to the same trainer for the entire apprenticeship, the trainer will mentor the apprentice to become a quality tradesman

Current employers with Blue Dog Training range in size from one apprentice to over 35 apprentices engaged in, on and off the job training but all receive the same high quality of service and support as well access to a system of training that meets their needs. No wonder that over 1000 employers are currently signed with Blue Dog and that the number increases every day.

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