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Recognition of Prior Learning: Engineering

Posted Thursday 14th July 2011

Employing an apprentice increases your bottom line because you train people to have the skills you need now and in the future. It's a smart business decision.

The Australian Government is also assisting you with a range of financial incentives, with schemes such as the Australian Apprenticeships Incentives programme providing eligible employers with up to $12000 for each Mature age apprentice (over 25 y/o).

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) apprentices will have one point of contact at Blue Dog Training. Blue Dog Training can formally recognise a student's existing level of skill and knowledge in two ways:

  • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and
  • Direct Credit Transfer for courses and qualifications already completed eg. a MIG welding course

RPL has many benefits:

  • Students can finish their courses earlier – Fast Track
  • Training costs and time is reduced
  • Dual trade qualifications with relative ease
  • By identifying an individual's current competencies, RPL can effectively target gap training requirements. Time is not wasted doing activities that the apprentice can already demonstrate.

Blue Dog Training has an RPL tool that can be completed by clients with previous experience. Students who possess skills and knowledge will have them recognised and will fast track through some units.

The basic Blue Dog Training RPL process includes:

  • RPL Theory can be completed via an interactive quiz that allows apprentices to show their knowledge. Any gaps will be plugged with our blended delivery methods.
  • Practical experience and photos form a basis of the practical component for the trade
  • The employer has input as to the skill level of the apprentice
  • Finally, our Blue Dog Trainer will have a competency conversation about the work history.

The whole process can be completed in a short space of time, with the amount of credit depending on your prior knowledge and experience.

Blue Dog Training takes into account all previous experience (eg White card) including qualifications, work and trade experience and study.

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