Cert III Engineering Apprentice graduates!

Published to Our Community on Dec 09, 2015

Today, Gary Richardson completed his Certificate III in Engineering with Blue Dog Training and his employer, Monadelphous.  He is now a qualified Fitter & Turner, after beginning his apprenticeship with Monadelphous in 2012.

Gary is considered a mature-age apprentice (being over 25 years old), which can sometimes be a challenging career path.  Thanks to the support of Blue Dog’s Engineering trainers Steve Fitzgerald and Brian Mills, Gary has put in a lot of work and dedication to finish his apprenticeship.

After completing his Automotive apprenticeship with the Brisbane City Council (for which he was awarded Apprentice of the Year in 2002), Gary went on to work for Monadelphous as a spray painter.

“As a spray painter I became interested in the fitting trade, and the mechanical fitters were happy to show me how they did as part of their trade.” said Gary.  When Monadelphous offered places in their apprenticeship program, he jumped on the opportunity to become qualified for his skills.

“Because of the nature of the trade, with shutdowns and chunks of downtime in between jobs, it can be hard for engineering apprentices to fulfill the full work scope required for their apprenticeships.“  said his trainer, Steve.  “Brian and I took advantage of Gary’s downtime and got him in to Blue Dog to cover some of the practical aspects to fill in the gaps, so he could complete his apprenticeship.”

The engineering trainers also helped Gary with his theory modules, which he is immensely thankful for: “A big thanks to Steve and Brian, for helping me through my apprenticeship.  I felt comfortable with them from the start, they’re great blokes.  They were there for me when I was struggling with my course, and with other aspects of my life.”

Aside from the qualification, Gary has developed a great friendship with Steve over the years, which is immediately obvious when they catch up!  It was a pleasure to spend time with Gary and we are confident that he will go on to do great things with his qualifications.  Great job mate!