Difference in Online vs. Face to Face White Card Courses

Published to Industry Updates on Feb 04, 2019

Difference in Online vs. Face to Face White Card Courses

Due to individual state government restrictions all states (excluding Tasmania) will receive a Nationally recognised Western Australian White Card if you complete the course online. We recommend confirming with your employer that the WA White Card will be accepted.

Are Western Australian White Cards Recognised in All States?

Any person successfully completing an online White Card Course (general induction training) will be issued with a nationally recognised Western Australian White Card.

All states and territories have agreed to implement the National Code of Practice for Induction for Construction Work. The aim of the code is to produce a nationally consistent approach to construction induction training. It also means White Cards from any Australian state or territory are nationally recognised.

Do Employers Maintain the Right to Reject out of State White Cards?

While White Cards are nationally recognised as stated above, employers and work sites do maintain the right to prohibit entry onsite based on the White Card you have received. We recommend checking with your employer to ensure they accept Western Australian White Cards.  

How can I Receive my State’s White Card?

For all states excluding Western Australia & Tasmania, any participants wishing to acquire their state’s White Card will need to attend face to face training in their state.

Blue Dog Training offers face to face White Card courses throughout Queensland .