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Q. How much will my apprenticeship cost?


Blue Dog Training is funded under the government User Choice Preferred Supplier program. Apprentices are required to pay fees at the same rate as all other RTOs including TAFE. Our quality delivery methods are far more flexible for both the apprentice and the employer. These fees may be paid by Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ) so check with your trainer.

Q. What is RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning)?


Workers are recognised for existing skills and can complete their trade in a shorter time. Case Study 1 – Light vehicle mechanic completed the Diesel Fitter trade in 12 months. Case Study 2 – Leading hand of a fabrication shop for 20 years completed the boilermaking trade in 3 months. Case Study 3 – Hammer hand on a construction site completed the Carpentry trade in 2.5 years.

Q. When can I start my apprenticeship?


Courses can be started as soon as you are ready. Courses are individualised and tailored to the employer’s scope of work.

Q. Where do you provide apprentice training?


Throughout both Queensland and New South Wales for carpentry apprenticeships, while engineering apprenticeships are delivered solely in Queensland.

Q. Do I have to travel for block training?


NO BLOCK TRAINING – Site based training. Less HR time needed to coordinate apprentice block release and employers are kept up to date with apprentice progress.

Q. How long will my apprenticeship take?


The style of learning resources appeals to the apprentices, which fosters a ‘want to learn approach’ and the training is genuinely self-paced. Most apprentices need 4 years; however mature age and exceptional apprentices can progress quicker. Apprentices do not progress unless the employer is happy with their skill level.

Q. Who will be my trainer?


Blue Dog Training trainers are all experienced tradesmen and qualified trainers and assessors. After more than a decade, Blue Dog Training still has many of its original trainers, providing stability for employers and apprentices. Apprentices and employers have access to the same trainer for the entire apprenticeship. The trainer will mentor the apprentice to become a quality tradesperson.

Q. Is the apprenticeship training flexible?


Our training occurs at times that suit company work flows i.e. employers do not ‘lose’ the apprentice for block training at inconvenient times.

Q. Can my employer view all of my training?


The coordinator of the apprentices has access to a complete record of apprentice progress at their finger tips via an employer log on. The Blue Dog Trainer/Manager is the one point of contact for both apprentices and employers. Issues are addressed immediately. Apprentices at different sites will receive the same quality training and they can be monitored by the same apprentice trainer (continuity of training across the business).

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