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Why Choose Blue Dog Training for your White Card?
Here's why...

BEFORE you start and pay for your online White Card course make sure you ask your White Card training company the following questions! White Card Training Provider
Blue Dog Training Leading Competitors
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I need my White Card urgently! Is it possible to log on, complete the course and access my White Card number straight away?
If I finish and pay for my course will my White Card be posted out to me the very same business day at no additional cost?
Can I pay for my course after I complete it?
If I need help, or have a question, is there someone who I can ring and speak to for assistance during 'extended' business hours?
If I leave an email or voice message (during business hours) will someone get back to me straight away and answer my queries?
Is there an 'after-hours' contact phone number available on the weekends?
Is there prompt and professional customer service with informative staff?
Is there an IT support person I can talk to if I'm having technical difficulties?
Is the online White Card course designed for, and compatible with, both iPhone or iPad usage as well as other popular mobile devices?
Are there interactive and interesting learning resources - with audio?
Can I use a webcam so as I can reduce my paperwork? (No paperwork!)
Does the White Card course meet relevant government licensing requirements and the Australian Skills Quality Authority standards?
Why Blue Dog Training?

You should choose Blue Dog Training for your White Card because:

  • Blue Dog Training specialises in construction training - from schools to trades, to contracting and builders licences.
  • We were the original provider of White Cards – we have built a very solid and reliable multi-award winning reputation.
  • Timeliness – let us know if you need your card urgently and we will work with you to suit your timeframes.
  • Efficiency – upon completion we will process your White Card immediately and post it out to you the same business day.
  • Accurate and engaging information – we ensure that the information we provide is interesting, correct and up to date.
  • Excellent Customer Service – we are here for you. We take the time to explain things to you in a clear and concise way.
  • Simple and easy to use – we also offer a webcam option – which means absolutely NO paperwork is required!

The benefits of using Blue Dog Training are:

  • We won't stuff you around - we are flexible in our approach – what we say is what we do.
  • Same day White Card delivery – at no additional cost (unlike some of our competitors).
  • You can come into our office – complete our course and receive your White Card on the spot if you like.
  • We are 100% Australian – and here for you.
  • You can pay at the end of your course – various payment options are available.

Blue Dog Training is different from other providers of online White Cards because:

  • Our online White Card course is designed for and compatible with iPhone / mobile devices and iPad / tablets.
  • We are contactable 7am – 7pm EST Monday – Friday and on the weekend we operate 10am – 4pm EST.
  • We have NO hidden costs – NO additional charges.
  • We have IT support on hand during business hours to assist you with any technical difficulties you may have.
  • Our online White Card course is fully compliant with all licensing and compliance government requirements.
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