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White Card Overview

The White Card course is a mandatory requirement for anyone who wants to work in the construction industry. This course focuses on how to keep yourself and others safe when working on a construction site.

Card Issued:

Blue Dog Training will issue a Queensland, Western Australian or Tasmanian White Card depending on your state of residence.


State White Cards are nationally recognised and accepted across Australia.

Course Delivery:

Blue Dog Training currently offers face to face, online and virtual classroom (Zoom) delivery. Availability will vary depending on your state of residence.

To complete your White Card you must:

Course Details

The delivery of the White Card course varies from state to state due to differing legislation requirements. For specific delivery details please use the above buttons to navigate to your delivery location.


National Recognised Unit of Competency: CPCCWHS1001 Prepare to work safely in the construction industry (White Card)

Course Content:
The topics covered include:
  • Health and safety legislative requirements for construction work
  • Construction hazards and risk control measures
  • Health and safety communication and reporting processes
  • Incident and emergency response
  • Selection and fitting of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

While working through the above topics you will be required to complete assessments to demonstrate an understanding of the material. The types of assessments are outlined below.

  • Theory Questions
  • Verbal Questions
  • Practical Assessment (Proper fitting of personal protective equipment)

White Card FAQs

Your eligibility to complete an online White Card course varies from state to state. View our Online White Card page for a breakdown of what delivery is available in your state.

All White Cards are nationally recognised in each state of Australia.

The nominal hours identified for this unit of competency is six (6) hours. With competency-based training if a learner already has defined skills knowledge and experience a reduced amount of training may be enough to ensure they fully absorb the required knowledge and gain the skills required for this unit of competency. This in turn is reflected in the learner’s progression rate through the unit of competency.

If you received your original White Card from Blue Dog Training we can assist you to get a new one at a cost of $44. Simply contact us on 07 3166 3900.

In order to complete your White Card with us face to face, you must bring 100 Points of Identfication

The issuing of your White Card will vary depending on your state of residence. The statement of attainment will be emailed to you the following working day after the completion of the course.

Your White Card will not expire, however if you have been out of the construction industry for a period of two years or more you will need to redo the course.

Additional Resources

Lost Your White Card?

We can issue you a replacement white card if you did your training with us originally or if you have completed it through another RTO and you have a Statement of Attainment as evidence.

Require A Company Account?

A company account provides an easy and affordable process to arrange construction induction training for your employees or students