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The VIC White Card course (CPCCWHS1001 - Prepare to work safely in the construction industry) is a mandatory requirement for anyone who wants to work in the construction industry.

Our informative and engaging course allows you to complete it at your own pace. Simply save, exit and pick up from where you last left the White Card training.

Cost $80.00
Card Issued Western Australia White Card (Why will I receive a WA White Card?)
(How can I receive a VIC White Card?)
PPE Required PPE can be purchased for an additional $40.00 (including postage).
Duration 2 - 6 hours depending on prior knowledge.

Course Details

Blue Dog Training’s online VIC White Card course enables VIC learners to complete a general construction induction course to receive a White Card in a fully online training program.

This course is mandatory for anyone who works, or wants to work, in the construction industry.

The construction White Card course utilises informative videos and audio, with questions to test your understanding, to deliver all the information required to be prepared for work on site. Start now and only pay when you have completed the online assessment.

Receiving your White Card:

Once the assessment and verification is complete, you can access your Statement of Attainment (with your White Card number) online. The Statement of Attainment is proof of having completed the White Card course and can be used to gain access to construction sites. Your White Card will be posted to your VIC address the same business day as completion.

Course Duration:

The White Card VIC course can be completed at your own pace with the ability to save your progress and continue later.

Time to complete Generally takes 2-6 hours depending on prior knowledge


You will need the following things to complete the White Card course:
  • Access to the Internet
  • A webcam or smartphone
  • A basic understanding of the English language
  • A driver's license, passport or other form of photo-identification
  • Access to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): a hard hat, a high-visibility vest, safety glasses and ear plugs/muffs. These items can be purchased through the online course at a cost of $40 (including postage).


When considering completing a White Card VIC course it is important to understand what is allowed in your state.

Online White Card Restrictions:

The Victoria state government only allows their White Cards to be issued through face to face courses to people living in VIC. This means you can not receive a VIC White Card online.

If you would like to complete your training online at a pace that suits you, you are able to complete the online course to receive a WA White Card.

White Cards from any Australian state or territory are nationally recognised. Before completing your White Card, we suggest you check with your employer to see if they have specific requirements for how White Card training should be undertaken.

All states and territories have agreed to implement the National Code of Practice for Induction for Construction Work. The aim of the code is to produce a nationally consistent approach to construction induction training.

White Card Issued:

Online Course White Card Issued
White Card VIC Western Australia White Card (Nationally Recognised)

White Card Expiry:

Please note that a White Card ceases to be current if the card holder has not worked in the Construction Industry for two years or more.


Blue Dog Training is the original provider of White Cards. We have built a reliable, multi-award-winning reputation on the back of our innovative course and excellent customer service. Some of the benefits of using Blue Dog are:

  • We won't stuff you around – our course is simple to use and engaging
  • Same day White Card postage – at no additional cost
  • You can come into our office – complete the course and receive your card on the spot
  • We are 100% Australian – and here for you
  • You can pay at the end of your course – various payment options are available
  • Our White Card course is compatible with iPhone/mobile devices and iPad/tablets
  • We have IT support on hand during business hours
  • We are flexible – our excellent customer service staff will work with you to achieve an ideal outcome

White Card FAQS

Yes. As of December 4th 2017, additional assessment requirements were added to the White Card course in response to changes to mandatory Government legislation.

All White Cards are mutually recognised in each state of Australia. However it is recommended you check with your employer if your white card has been issued from another state

We require one form of photographic identification such as a current and valid copy of:

  • Australian Driver’s Licence
  • Passport
  • School Identity Card
  • Proof of Age Card


Three other forms of identification such as:

  • Medicare Card
  • Credit Card
  • Public utility account, Electricity, Gas, Water or land line telephone account, one of which must show your current address.

The course is designed as a six hour program. It is a self-paced course and if you have previous experience you can move through the course quickly.

You can start and stop your training as many times as you like and your completed work will be recorded ready for your next visit.

Blue Dog Training offers online assistance at all stages of the course. Clients with reading difficulties can use the unique Blue Dog Training audio capability. Audio is available for all learning resources and assessments items. Receiving assistance from anyone other than Blue Dog Training staff is prohibited.

If you received your original White Card from Blue Dog Training we can assist you to get a new one at a cost of $44. Simply contact us on 07 3166 3900.

  • Credit Card
  • Direct Deposit
  • Cash
  • Money Order/Bank Cheque

The old Red Card is still valid as long as the holder has not been out of the construction industry for a period of two years or more.

We will post your White Card the same business day you complete your course.

Your White Card will not expire, however if you have been out of the construction industry for a period of two years or more you will need to redo the course.

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What is a White Card?

A White Card is evidence that you have completed a General Construction Induction course/White Card course (previously known as the Blue Card course). This course is mandatory for anyone who works, or wants to work, in the construction industry. The White Card course is nationally recognised, and can be done online with Blue Dog Training 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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