This course provides an understanding of the theory and practice related to PATs/Explosive Power Tools (Ramset and Hilti).

Before using any kind of powder-actuated tool, an operator must be a ‘competent person’. This means the operator has gained the knowledge and skills, through training and experience, to safely complete the tasks required with the tool. Operators who are colour blind must be able to demonstrate that they can identify the different charges. Extra training will be required for hazard-specific situations, such as working in confined spaces.

The Explosive Power Tools Awareness course will cover 12 topics, which include:

  • Noise Hazards
  • General Safety Procedures
  • Inspections and Maintenance
  • Damage to Services
  • Training Requirements
  • Powder Load Charges
  • Environments
  • Using Explosive Powered Tool Fasteners
Upon completion of the course, you will be issued with a Statement of Completion. This is not an accredited course; however, it does provide the theory and underpinning knowledge for using explosive power tools safely.

Course Details

Course Duration Dependant on previous knowledge and experience, this course takes 1 to 3 hours. Course delivery is self-paced, and you can start/stop at any time.
Fees $55
Funding There is no applicable funding for this course
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