Need a replacement White Card?

If you need a Replacement White Card there are a few things to note:

  • We can issue you a replacement card if you did your training with us originally or if you have completed through another Registered Training Organisation that has closed and you have a Statement of Attainment as evidence.
  • You need to complete your application and return it to us with current ID, within 3 months of applying.
  • Once you have returned your paperwork and payment of $44.00, a replacement card will then be issued.
  • Your replacement card will be posted to your confirmed current postal address.
Need a replacement Blue Card?

Queensland Issued Blue Card - Blue Cards can no longer be replaced in Queensland, you will need to complete the current White Card course to be issued with a new card.
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Western Australia Issued Blue Card - Blue Cards are able to be replaced in Western Australia. However we recommend checking with your current employer to see if they require you to undertake the current White Card course.

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