Company Accounts

Blue Dog Training offers businesses the opportunity to reduce the costs associated with White Card training by removing the administrative burden and making the process as smooth as possible. A Company Account will give the employer a unique login and password which will allow them to enter employee details before the employee commences their White Card training

The access provided by this unique login enables the employer to monitor employees’ progression throughout their White Card training. It also allows the employer to view all transaction history and gives them the ability to access receipts and invoices. If your company has an ongoing need for White Card training, or if you have a number of existing workers that need White Card training please contact us to discuss a company account.


A Company Account provides a streamlined process to arrange payment for your workers before they commence their training, which allows them to simply log on and complete their White Card course online.

Cost per card reduced from $80 to $60 (20 card minimum order)

Use your own purchase orders and access all your invoices in one place

Monitor participant's progress at any time

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